Wednesday, June 08, 2005

An anecdote to the next posting

Take a look at this puppy and remember it while you read the next post and accompanying news article.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

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Perhaps an answer to the age old question

I have wondered especially while viewing Olympic events if world records will continue to fall. I mean there has to be a limit as to how fast a human can possibly go, isn't there.

Well, here is an interesting answer to the question, "why can't anyone throw a baseball faster than 100 mph?"

It may shed some light on the question of limitations.

The Verizon Devil's Tower National Monument at Bear Lodge Historic Landmark presented by Alltel

Cooler heads have prevailed. Devil's Tower gets to keep its name.

Ten reasons not to run a marathon

Dumb & Dumber

The headline speaks for itself.

"Police fail to track down 'dumbest criminal'"

Hey, come on, it's only a little federal felony

You may be expelled if you bring a pocket knife to school or a butter knife to spread your peanut butter at lunch but if you are charged with counterfeiting, you merely get suspended for a few days.

Here's the link.

John Kerry thinks Democrats are morons.

Kerry cites voter intimidation examples:

'Leaflets are handed out saying Democrats vote on Wednesday, Republicans vote on Tuesday.

First, all Americans ought to know Election Day is the first Tuesday of November. If you don't know that then you don't deserve to have your vote counted. Secondly, and far funnier that the first point is the source of the supposed voter intimidation. This is the "news" story to which he refers. Notice that it appears in The Onion.

Monday, April 11, 2005


Mr Ego finally got busted for fabricating a column.
Here it is.

Here is his apology.

Here is the Free Press investigating.

Here is Mitch Albom calling the kettle black."

One of my favorite all time quotes was a Detroit Radio critic's description of the then new Mitch Albom radio show on WJR. He likened the show to "an explosion in an ego factory."

A Rube-Goldberg Fire

One crazy chain of events led to a fire that destroyed a house in Wisconsin.

A man dropped a can of spray paint onto a hammer which punctured the can, sending paint spraying on the hot water heater. The pilot ignited the paint creating a fireball which destoryed the house and all the possessions inside.

Minnesota: The New Wild West

Damian Dunphy sleeps with a gun under his pillow. No problem until he shot himself while vaccuuming.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Your Privacy At Risk Alert!!!

This post will remain at the top of the blog until Monday. If you come back here and see it, it does not mean there is no new material.


There is potentially another very serious invasion of your privacy on the internet.

Google now allows users to enter a telephone number as a search term. If you have a listing in a telephone directory, your name will pop up and there will be a link to find you using a mapping service, that will provide directions to your house.

Try it.

Fortunately you can opt to exclude your telephone number by following the PhoneBook Removal Form.

This post will remain at the top of the blog until Monday. If you come back here and see it, it does not mean there is no new material.

Friday, April 08, 2005

You don't have to be smart to be a lawyer.

Immigration attorney David Leopold opposes a new immigration bill limiting the deportation appeals process.

He says, "If this were in place when our Founding Fathers arrived in this country, they would have all been deported."

It obviously must have slipped his mind that when the Founding Fathers arrived here, there was no country.

Love is not only blind, it's deaf, too

Newlyweds prefer Brian Adams' "Everything I Do" as the song they first dance to as husband and wife.

Want to be cool but just aren't sure how?

Check out the 10 steps toward being cool.


The first step to being cool is by talking cool. This will falsely lead people to the conclusion that you are, infact, cool no matter how uncool you actually are. Sprinkling your speech with various "cool" and "hip" words, such as G, homes, nacho supreme, and phat. Then add nonsensical adjectives to nouns that don't really need it. "That food was sparkling good" or "This robotastic movie is wicketty wack!" Now put the two together, like so: "That robotastic food was sparkling good homes" or "This robotastic movie is wicketty wack nacho supreme!" Now add in random "yo's" to your speech for no apparent reason: "Yo, this robotastic movie is wicketty wack yo, nacho supreme!" Remember these simple rules and you're half way to making people think you're cool.

Scientific Breakthrough - literally

Until now, geologists have not been able to drill through the relatively thin layer of the earth called the crust. That is until now.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Raise your Bue

If you can't buy it, steal it.

Two cousins, Brian and Blake Stulc are out on bail after stealing beer after they were told they could not buy it because it was after 2:00 AM.

Just wait until your father gets home!

Dateline Jerusalem.

An Arab boy achieved the highest score on quiz on Zionism. The catch: he attends an Israeli school.

A moving scene

In my estimation, the final scene from the movie Seven with Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey is one of the most emotionally distressing scenes in the history of film. Here it is redone with stuffed animals.

Can you think of any other scene as emotionally distressing as this one?