Thursday, February 17, 2005

Can you be more stupid

NHL people like Wayne Gretzky are talking about the potential for "winning people back" to their league.

How about worrying for your potential to be not so stupid?

They introduced hockey to Southern California, Arizona, Texas, Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida. The NHL failed in Georgia once and they were smart enough to bring it back there. The only ice those people see is in their drink. Here in the North a few of us miss the NHL. Down there a few of them knew there was an NHL.

They paid players $10 million per season when they didn't make $10 million a season. They ought to call the salary cap they seek a dunce-cap for no business with the hope of remaining in business for long pays its employees more than it makes.

The owners and Gary Buttman remind me of the Once-Ler from Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. They had a good thing going and they destoyed it. The fans are the Truffula Trees. They are gone.
There is one seed left. It must be passed to someone who can nuture it intelligently. And it's not them.


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